Workshops and Events

H.M.C believes that building a great reputation is not a matter of governing oneself with honesty and transparency and having a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing, it is the way how you make a solid workplace for your people and honest governance, and it is the ability to communicate your positive deeds to others lest they go unnoticed.

H.M.C is always ready to participate in different social events through its professional crew well equipped to help while promoting the company, its professional services and team.

Food Safety Presentation at NDU - 2016

The food safety workshop teaches participants about proper food handling, storage, and contamination prevention to keep themselves and their families safe from foodborne illnesses 

H1N1 Presentation at Safadi Foundation Hall - 2016

The H1N1 workshop wasan informative resource to promote proactive measures and address concerns regarding the virus. Participants can leave with a better understanding of how to prevent the spread of H1N1 and protect themselves and their communities 

CPR Workshop at Al Shifaa Hospital - 2016

The CPR workshop is designed to teach participants life-saving techniques and protocols to respond to cardiac and respiratory emergencies effectively, providing an opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge to help save lives

Sponsors at Tripoli Marathon - 2015

As a sponsor of the marathon, our home medical care team is proud to support the community’s health and wellness. We are committed to promoting an active lifestyle and providing quality care for athletes, families, and spectators in need during the event

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